GTA 6 leaker has been arrested in London: Rumours

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A 17-year-old was arrested in Oxfordshire for hacking, according to the City of London Police.

There is currently a rumor circulating on social media that the individual responsible for the leak of 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto VI might have been arrested.

It has been verified by the City of London Police that a male suspect aged 17 has been detained in Oxfordshire on suspicion of hacking.

The City of London Police is the force in charge of maintaining order in the financial district known as the City of London. They are not responsible for maintaining order in the city of London itself. They are also accountable for conducting investigations into cases of service breaches and internet fraud.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed that this person has been arrested for the breaches at Rockstar Games and Uber, the information we have connects with who we believe to be responsible.

The individual known as “White,” who is suspected of hacking into Microsoft, Nvidia, and Samsung, was previously detained in December 2021 and charged with allegedly breaking into those companies after their former associates doxxed them.

On the other hand, the fresh hacks were distributed on the GTAForums by teapottuberhacker, who is thought to be the same person as White. They also asserted that they had broken into Uber, which was something that was reported by sources for Keys.

Lapsus$ is the name of the group that was responsible for the hacking. The proprietor of the organization is a young man from Oxfordshire who is only 17 years old. Earlier this year, the City of London Police detained and released him on bail after discovering that he had amassed more than £10 million by hacking corporations such as Microsoft and Samsung, among others.

Additionally, the Rockstar Games leaker was doxed, which identified him as the 16-year-old teenager from Oxfordshire who was responsible for the crimes mentioned earlier. Both the City of London Police and the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom would be responsible for conducting an investigation into the security breach involving Rockstar Games.

The most prominent footage shows the reported Bonnie and Clyde-like duo (apparently named Lucia and Jason) robbing a diner and exercising crowd control before the authorities arrive. A second video shows a figure strolling with a pistol in their hand and a rifle on their back, suggesting Rockstar will use the Red Dead Redemption 2 inventory system that only lets you carry two weapons.

Journalists are also stating that their sources suggest the 17-year-old child has been arrested for hacking Rockstar Games assets and accessing them illegally.

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