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Is Content Warning on PS5 & Xbox?

Content Warning is the talk of the town among fans of the horror genre on PC and everyone is looking to get a piece of it.

The game recently went live on Steam and will be free for some time now but what about consoles? In this article, we discuss whether the viral co-op horror game is available to play on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox.

Content Warning is an interesting concept where you have to record other players getting spooked and upload it on SpookTube to win. While this is a refreshing concept that takes you away from the likes of Phasmophobia, the unique take has gotten a mixed reaction from the community. Though the majority love the game, critics think it can get boring for some.

Is Content Warning coming to PS5 & Xbox?

As of now, there is no official word on whether the game will grace the PS5 or Xbox.

Game Watcher‘s report had the developers cite this “We don’t know yet! Currently, some technical bits would make the console versions difficult but we will look into it.”.

A console version is far from development and expecting it anytime soon would be an unwise decision. As the game enjoys immense success on PC, the developers do not require a console version to keep the game afloat at the time. When the game amasses a healthy amount of DAU, talks of a console version might reignite among the developers.

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