Star YouTuber Scout criticized for profanity by BGMI Community, Thug responds


Professional Battlegrounds Mobile India player and streamer Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh was called out on his actions by the community and S8UL owners. Scout blurted out derogatory language and directed slang towards a fellow player and is now facing the consequences.

Sc0ut is currently an active member of the team Soul BGMI roster and while playing, he accused Jonathan of stream sniping and went into fits of anger after getting wiped by the ex-TSM squad.

Multiple clips of this controversial moment surfaced on the internet and while some were taken down, several members from the Battlegrounds Mobile India community noticed it and started calling him out for his erratic behavior.

Ghatak, a fellow player from the old TSM roster took it to his Instagram and posted several stories criticizing Scout’s behavior. He stated that such actions are very disrespectful towards the audience, well-wishers, and brands.

8Bit Thug, one of the co-owners of S8UL Esports and 8Bit Creatives took notice of these actions and issued an apology on his behalf. He stated that S8UL has been against negativity and corrective actions will be taken against the player.

Scout also issued his own apology statement and mentioned that he will make a strong positive impact one day.

Apart from these verbal commitments, S8UL is apparently considering finding the root cause. According to the AFK Gaming report, 8Bit Thug stated that he condemns these actions and they will be working towards solving these issues. He said, “This is something that needs to stop. It’s very harmful and puts us in a very bad situation. This is not something that S8UL stands for and it does not match with our values.”

He mentioned that S8UL has been targeted in the past in abusive ways and appealed to the players and community to stop such vulgar behavior. Thug also mentioned that Scout may undergo professional counseling. Talking about this, he stated, “This is the last time that we are accepting such kind of hatred by our players against any other team in the community which uses such abusive language. I’m pretty sure this incident will not take place again and if required, we will put him under a professional counselor to help him improve his behavior on public platforms.”