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Call of Duty Mobile India POVA Cup: Everything you need to know

The Call of Duty Mobile India POVA Cup, presented by global premium smartphone TECNO Mobile and organized by South Asia’s leading esports tournament Skyesports, is here to ignite the competitive scene for the FPS title in the country! The tournament will take place across five weeks on each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Jan. 27 2023 to Feb. 26. 2023

Eight of the top teams from across India have received a direct invite for the first season as they compete for the ultimate prize and the title of champion. These are as follows:

  • GodLike Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Anthem
  • Team XO
  • Nirvana Esports
  • Team Rebirth
  • 5 and a half men
  • Team I2K Elite

The tournament will unfold over five weeks of intense action, kicking off with a round-robin stage where each team will face off against each other once. Fans will be treated to an exciting total of 28 matches. The top four teams from here will advance to the playoffs, where they will battle it out in a double-elimination bracket to secure a spot in the grand finale.

The final showdown will be a nail-biting experience as the top two teams face off in the ultimate battle to claim victory and the title of champions in the CoD Mobile Pova Cup Season 1.

The tournament will be livestreamed on the Skyesports YouTube channel, in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the tournament in their preferred language.

Pranav Nalawade
Pranav Nalawadehttp://www.talkesport.com
As the Director & editor-in-chief at TalkEsport, Pranav is a seasoned journalist with a passion for all things competitive gaming. With 10 years of experience covering the esports industry, Pranav has established a reputation for fair and thorough reporting, bringing the latest and greatest in the world of esports to the site's devoted readers. In their free time, Pranav can be found honing their skills in their favorite games or scouting out up-and-coming talent at local tournaments.

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