AI predicts Team Team to win ESL One Mumbai

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In a Reddit post, the MoreMMR AI team posted the predictions for the upcoming ESL One Mumbai event. With the playoff already underway the AI made its predictions for the upcoming brackets. The Neural Network is fed with past match data using which it made predictions that “Team Team” will be winning the tournament with fan favourites Navi, Pango and complexity losing on early.

Although many can argue that the AI predictions shouldn’t be believed as the data being fed to AI is old and isn’t able to calculate the team chemistry and skills. With that said the creators of MoreMMR AI also believes that the AI isn’t 100% accurate and its accuracy is still hit or miss.

It is still too early to make any assumptions as to how a team will be performing, as many teams take time to analyse and change tactics after their past matches and data for that won’t be available unless they play another game. With that said the event isn’t that far off and we can see for ourselves if the AI predicted things right or not.

The ESL One Mumbai is going live on April 19-21 and will be live streamed on twitch as well as YouTube.

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