India should lead digital gaming sector, develop games inspired by its culture, folk tales: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi addressed the panel during a discussion on ways to increase toy manufacturing in the country. At the end of this discussion, Modi states the importance of digital gaming and how it can be embedded with India’s cultural heritage.

The meeting was held to emphasize the need for boosting toy manufacturing in the country and PM Modi did not leave the rising digital gaming sector unnoticed.

“India should tap into the huge potential of digital gaming sector and lead international digital gaming sector by developing games that are inspired by Indian culture and folklore”, said PM Modi during this meeting.

The meeting started off with PM addressing the council on how the cultural heritage could be blended with toy manufacturing and their implementation in schools. Modi also suggested that by using tourism, local culture could be promoted in regions famous for handcrafted toys.

At the end, he announced that more hackathons should be arranged to mix in technology and how India should lead in global digital gaming market.