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inchk1ng banned from all E-frag events post match-fixing allegations

According to E-frag.net, they found out that CSGOLounge were investigating the Hong Kong team called inchk1ng. The match that was the problem was part of one of our events. Immediately we offered to help to CSGOLounge, providing them with all of the necessary information about the teams and the match.

After CSGOLounge delivered them all undeniable evidence, we immediately conducted our own internal investigation after which we were sure that the player of inchk1ing (Yiu “hazy” Sang Wallace Leung) placed a large amount of max bets from his main account and several smurf accounts against his team during the SEA Rising Stars Promotional Semifinal match (NXL vs. inchk1ng) that happened on April 22nd – 11:00 CEST, as well as some of his friends also doing the same.

Efrag’s statement

Our ruleset is clear, “Players involved in a match are not allowed to bet on matches in any way. Betting skins on CSGOLounge or any other website or betting real money irrelevantly on which team is one of the major offences, therefore we are prohibiting betting for anyone involved in an event hosted by E-Frag.net. Additionally, the match-fixing will result in an indefinite ban from any of our future tournaments”.

For that reason we have decided to ban inchk1ng permanently from all of our events (Razer Rising Stars Leagues, Promotional Cups and others) including the TWC, that means that the current roster of inchk1ng won’t be able to play for their respective nations in any circumstances at TWC 2016 or any future TWC.

We would like to thank CSGOLounge for sharing their investigation with us, and we will forward all information regarding this issue to Valve. We will continue to uphold the competitive integrity of our tournaments and events as our most important goal and will punish rule breakers and those who risk that competitive integrity fairly and with due course.

The players that are banned from all E-Frag Events are:

Yiu ‘hazy’ Sang Wallace Leung
Ka ‘Ming’ Ming Wong
Kwong ‘mooNxskyb’ Chung Ng
Chun ‘Realx ‘ Yin Leung
Ka ‘F0ray’ Hay Li

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