IEM Rio CSGO Major PickEm prediction by casters and talents

IEM Rio CSGO major starts today and some of the best teams are already going head to head with each other in the group stages alone. With the matches being such close affairs, everyone’s Pick ‘Ems are in danger and so are the bragging rights that come along.

While some of us are really good at predicting the teams that will make it to the next stage but the majority fails to grab the diamond coin. While you may think that fortune got the better of you, there are some talents and casters who will share your fate as soon as the challenger stage concludes.

Here are some of the predictions made by the top professionals in the scene to help you out in your picks.

Players/Talents3-0 Pick0-3 PickOther Qualifying Picks
Pimp00 NationGrayhoundCloud9MOUZ
GeT_RiGhTImperialGrayhoundCloud900 Nation

It is a major hosted by Brazil and so many 3-0 picks going toward the Brazilian teams make sense. While Grayhound has been picked by almost everyone to fail to secure a single win in the entire tournament, coming in from Oceania, they lack the experience to go head-to-head with teams that have been competing at the highest level for the past year.

Cloud9, acquired the Gambit roster after Russian organizations were banned from playing in most tier-1 CSGO events. Since the acquisition, Cloud9 has gone back to the upper echelons of CSGO. The team has done well in recent times and is definitely a contender to go all the way, while there are other favorites, Cloud9 on their day can definitely take anyone down.

Having no clear favorite makes IEM Rio one of the hardest to predict-majors of all time. However, some of the pros are quite confident in their picks but it is always advisable to do your own research before jumping into the Pick ‘Ems with predictions from others.

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