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IEM Rio CS:GO Major Day 3 Recap and Round 4 Match-ups : Details inside

It is reasonable to say that nearly no one anticipated what has transpired up to this point, as the fourth round of the IEM Rio CS:GO Major Legends Stage is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 7.

FaZe Clan, the reigning Major champions and now the top-ranked team in the world is the first team eliminated from the Legends Stage. This is the first time a reigning Major champion has gone 0-3 in the next Major, as one of the favorites is out.

FURIA has surfed a wave of euphoria while on the shoulders of their fervent followers to a 3-0 record, ensuring that the Champions Stage will feature a squad that the home crowd will undoubtedly go bananas for.

Cloud9, who started the Challengers off with a record of 0-2, has staged comeback after comeback to drive itself into playoffs. This is the second team that has a perfect record of 3-0.

Every team in Legends got off to a slow start and has had a difficult beginning to their season overall. Team Liquid and Heroic were the only teams to conclude day two and round three with a good record. They will play each other in the 2-1 pool, and the outcome of the match will determine whether or not they advance to the Champions Stage.

In addition to Liquid’s matchup against Heroic, the underrated Mousesports roster will compete against Outsiders in the 2-1 pool. In the meanwhile, BIG, whose ears are probably still ringing first from the loss they sustained in front of their own fans against FURIA, will have another opportunity to advance to the playoffs against Fnatic.

After their crushing victory over FaZe, the Bad News Eagles face NAVI, another star-studded team that has been a former champion, and they will need lightning to knock twice in order to advance to the next round of the 1-2 pool.

ENCE will compete against Vitality, a team that has the ability to win the tournament but is still lacking in the consistency necessary to fully realize its potential. In the last matchup, Spirit will face Sprout, who just kept their tournament dreams alive with a decisive win over NiP in the 0-2 pool of round three. Sprout will be playing in the same pool as Spirit.

Round 4 Matches tonight :

2-1 Bracket :

  • Mousesports Vs Outsiders // 19:30 PM IST
  • BIG Vs Fnatic // 23:00 PM IST
  • Team Liquid Vs Heroic // 02:30 AM IST

1-2 Bracket :

  • Team Spirit Vs Sprout  // 02:30 AM IST
  • Natus Vincere Vs Bad News Eagles // 19:30 PM IST
  • ENCE Vs Team Vitality // 23:00 PM IST

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