Day 2 of DreamHack Delhi saw the tournament favorites HellRaisers face off Thai powerhouse Lucid Dream. Lucid Dream picked Vertigo essentially planning for a PUG style match-up but the reality was far from that.

MAP 1: Vertigo (Lucid Dream’s Pick)

Lucid Dream started their map pick on the offensive side, going for a fast B stairs play they got shut down by 2K from both Flaich and ANGE1. Lucid Dream went for A ramp push with glocks and Hellraisers had no issues shutting them without losing a single man. Guns came out for Lucid Dream in the 3rd round as they went for a similar A ramp play but despite having a upper hand against HellRaisers in terms of firepower they mad no mistakes to shut them down, thanks to a 2K picked up by scoobyxie which slowed down their initial pace. Lucid Dream were choosing to go for a contact play on the A ramp time and time again but Hellraisers read them like a book each time. A tactical timeout was called for Lucid Dream after the 8th round after which they took an eco and decided to go for a B ramp play, which they brought down to a 3v3 situation, the three player left alive were effective in trading out the kills to deny the retake and grab their first round on the board. HellRaisers got back on board in the following round with a retake on the B site off the back of smart utility usage from the players. Lucid Dream took an eco a went for a A ramp rush yet again which scooby took no time shut it down with a 4K. Lucid Dream managed their second and last round in the first half picking up kills all across the map, keeping four men alive. HellRaisers made no mistake in the final round of the first half, 2K from nukkye and scooby secured a 13-2 half in favor of Hellraisers.

HellRaisers put a stark end to the miseries of Lucid Dreams, they started their offense with a quick stair play. nukkye got the entry into the site popping the head off PTR and followed up with a 2K and scooby picked up a 2K of his own to grab the pistol round. Lucid Dream had upgraded pistols in the following rounds as they stacked up the A. Hellrasiers walked into the site but LD were sharp on their Deagles as they bring things down to a 2v4 situation in favor of Lucid Dreams, leaving only Flarich and nukkye alive. nukkye picked up a 3K, while Flraich got traded bringing things down into a 1v1 situation post plant situation which nukkye dealt with ease to close the map 16-2.

MAP 2: Nuke

HellRaisers started their map on the offensive side, a split play into the A site from garage and cabin saw ANGE1 and Flarich pick up two kills each to secure the pistol round for them. In the following round, they rushed into the A site after the 1-minute mark and lost only two players as they walked into a stack but got their 2nd round on board. Lucid Dream got their first round on the board in the 3rd round when they punished their ramp and outer split. Lucid Dream looked sharper on Nuke than their own map pick.  Once they took their first-round, they kept building upon it until HellRaisers took a timeout to figure things out. The timeout did the trick for the CIS organization, they got back on the board again with an outer player. The outer push lured out a defender from the A site and ramp room, the heavy outside rotations enabled the rest of the team to push in from behind, Lucid Dream quickly realized what was happening as they fell back into their original position, HellRaisers quickly rotated back to A which allowed them to get hold of the site much easily. They built upon this round until the end of the half to close it with a 9-6 scoreline, which was a much respected scoreline for Lucid Dream considering how the first map went.

Although Nuke is considered CT sided, HellRaisers managed to go on the CT side, with 3 rounds lead. They built upon it with a pistol round victory and two more rounds on the follow up. Lucid Dream had their first full buy on the third round which they executed with a ramp room push to get their first round of their T side. But HellRaisers were a step ahead of Luicid Dream in the following round where they held aggressive angles to take out the players one by one, they continued this streak fore three more rounds before Lucid Dream aggressively push ramp room and take the B site to bring the momentum back in their favor, not before HellRaisers reached match and series point. Flaric stood out as their best player with 25 Kills and 1.43 rating. Lucid Dream’s hope was alive for only 2 more rounds but in 4th round, a successful retake from HellRaisers closed the map with a 16-10 scoreline. 

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