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Haus! Acquires Esports Pro Lemon’s Secret Recipe – The Lemon Drink

Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) former pro player Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan has shaken up the gaming world by leveraging his unique refreshment creation – The Lemon Drink. Lemon’s prowess as a pro player has now extended beyond the virtual battlefield. A beverage company shelled out a staggering Rp1,000,000,000 ($65,000 USD) to acquire his secret recipe.

The Lemon Drink: Lemon’s Journey from Esports to Entrepreneurship

Lemon’s journey to this lucrative collaboration is nothing short of remarkable. The 24-year-old veteran EXP laner has left an indelible mark on the esports scene, clinching three championship titles in the highly competitive MLBB Professional League (MPL) Indonesia. Additionally, he has also secured a notable runner-up position in the M1 World Championship and MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2019.

However, Lemon’s legacy doesn’t stop at his gaming achievements. Known for his innovative approach, he crafted a special refreshment, playfully named “The Lemon Drink.” This drink was designed to fuel his performance during MLBB matches. His recipe was cleverly revealed via an Instagram filter, engaging his 3.4M followers.

Haus! Acquires Lemon’s Recipe for Rp1,000,000,000

Challenging his fan base to amass virtual lemons in the filter-based game, Lemon enticed them with the promise of being among the first to taste The Lemon Drink. This ingenious marketing strategy caught the eye of Gufron Syarif, the visionary Founder and CEO of Haus!, a prominent food and beverage company. Recognizing the opportunity, Syarif swiftly moved to forge a partnership with the esports sensation.

This led to a deal that signifies the growing nexus between gaming, personal branding, and entrepreneurship. Lemon’s recipe, considered a reflection of his journey in esports, was acquired by Haus! for a colossal Rp1,000,000,000. For Lemon, this drink is more than a blend of ingredients; it encapsulates his evolution in the esports industry.

Elaborating on the composition of his creation, Lemon explained that his drink fuses the zest of citrus fruits with the goodness of Yakult, a beloved Japanese probiotic milk beverage. The drink has now found its way into the market, captivating consumers with two tantalizing variants: Lemon Tea Yakult and Fresh Lemon Tea. Since 5th August, these options have been available at all Haus! outlets across Indonesia.

The collaboration marks a significant stride in bridging the gap between esports and corporate. Lemon’s journey, from dominating the gaming arena to monetizing his personal brand through an exclusive beverage, exemplifies the entrepreneurial potential within the gaming world. The story also underscores the power of strategic social media engagement and the willingness of industry leaders like Haus! to invest in esports.

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