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Hastar Explains the Reason Behind GodLike Esports’ Recent Struggle in BGMI

GodLike Esports, once a dominant force in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports scene, has been facing a challenging period recently. The team’s inability to perform at its previous heights has left the team frustrated. Former BGMI professional player Gopal “Hastar” Sarda recently shed light on the underlying reasons behind the team’s recent struggles. During a recent livestream, Hastar offered valuable insights into the changing dynamics of BGMI competition, which have had a significant impact on teams like GodLike Esports.

Hastar States BGMI Teams Have Studied GodLike Esports’ Gameplay

In a recent livestream, Hastar discussed the potential roster changes that GodLike Esports has teased. He also explained why the team is facing challenges despite being one of the most prominent teams years ago. Hastar highlighted a crucial shift in the dynamics of BGMI competition compared to two years ago. In the past, when TSM Entity (GodLike Esports’ current roster) knocked a player from an opponent squad, the conventional response was for the remaining members of the injured team to back off. “Because they used to know that TSM Entity (GodLike Esports’ current roster) knocked the player out, so the player will obviously get finished, and they will push you. So, it is better not to revive, and  rather take a 3v4 fight instead of helping the player revive,” he added.

The evolution of BGMI competition has seen teams adapt and develop new strategies. Hastar stated that teams today have learned to hold back an opposing team’s push when one of their players is knocked. “If one of the players is knocked, two players know how to hold the push,” he said. Further explaining how it affects GodLike Esports, he added, “Because of that Godlike Esports’ natural gameplay was ruined or other teams understood their gameplay.”

Hastar States BGMI Esports Has Become Data-Oriented

Following this, Hastar explained that the BGMI esports competition has become more data-oriented these days. He also noted the increased presence of coaches and analysts in BGMI teams. “Two years ago not every team had a coach. These days almost every proper Tier-1 team has a coach. Many teams also have analysts, and in a few teams the coach and the analyst are the same person. These things help a lot as they tell a lot of things about opponent teams,” he said.

Hastar highlighted how the competitive landscape of BGMI has transformed such that each team strives to outshine the other. “Previously Godlike Esports’ domination used to be one sided, or Team SouL used to win consecutive tournaments. But these days that does not happen anymore. Sometimes Team SouL fails to qualify, sometimes Godlike Esports fails to qualify. So these days every team has analyzed the data of every other team. All teams know how other teams play,” he added.

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