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Crosskill Esports’ CKxKinG Banned During BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket

After two disqualifications and two ban waves during Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGIS) 2023, the tournament was rocked by yet another shocking hacking-related revelation. In a dramatic turn of events, CKxKinG, the In-Game Leader (IGL) of Crosskill Esports, found himself in trouble as BGMI’s Anti-Cheat System caught him red-handed for hacking during a live tournament match. What sets this incident apart is KinG’s surprising confession of hacking.

Crosskill Esports Was Unaware Of KinG’s Hacking Activities in BGIS 2023

KinG caught the attention of the BGMI community with his impressive IGL skills in BGIS 2023. The team showed a commendable performance until the Losers Bracket, where he got banned. In a tournament that had already witnessed its fair share of controversies and rule violations, KinG’s ban added another layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

Interestignly, the remaining three players of Crosskill Esports claim to have been completely unaware of KinG’s illicit actions. In order to clear their names, the players provided their Point of View (POV) recordings, demonstrating that they had no part in the hacking scandal. Through their social media posts, these players vehemently reprimanded KinG for jeopardizing not only his career, but also theirs. Additionally, even the owners of the organization did not know about KinG’s illicit activities.

One of the players on the team, Dexter, posted an Instagram story stating that he was leaving Crosskill Esports because the IGL of the team was hacking. He affirmed that the remaining three players didn’t know that King was hacking. In the following Instagram Story, Dexter revealed that KinG had instantly blocked his teammates on social media following the ban, cutting off communication abruptly.

KinG’s Surprising Confession of Hacking

In a surprising twist, KinG, after a period of silence, unblocked one of his teammates and extended an apology. He admitted to hacking during the third match of BGIS 2023 Day 1 and disclosed that he had also experimented with hacks on his alternate account, which had also faced the consequences of a ban. KinG’s apology, however, did little to undo the damage already inflicted on his team and the organization’s reputation.

Interestingly, despite facing backlash from his teammates, KinG did not allege that his teammates knew that he was hacking.

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