Has Valorant Patch 2.01 worsened the Split meta?

If you commence a game on Split as defenders and your team is thrashing the enemies, don’t worry the tables can turn easily in the second half while playing attack, as the map poses to go in the favour of defenders, due to its narrow entry points into sites which enables them to choke the attackers easily.

In order to fix this, Valorant’s latest patch 2.01 brought in some considerable changes to Split. The changes were introduced to make site execution a tad bit easier for attackers. However, it looks like Riot may have worsened things as a number of players have come up with insane line-ups and tricks that make it almost impossible to execute any site on Split.

Players come with up with insane exploits on B site

B Site on Split that has received a complete makeover as a result of which executing the site should have been much easier than before. However, high ranked players have found some insane ways to hold angles by making Sage Walls and Cypher Cages by using the newly added objects on the 2 sites.


A player whose Reddit handle goes by the name of “MrPiezo” has come up with multiple One Way and Off Angle Sage Walls. A stack of two new boxes were added between B-main and B-heaven to avoid defenders from double peeking attackers while they try to execute the site. However, Sage can jump on the boxes from B-heaven and can create a long wall below her that covers the entire view of B main from B heaven entrance that is almost impossible to tackle.


A player whose Reddit handle goes by the name of Phamwow has come up with a one-way Cypher Cage that covers the entire entrance of B main. The update added a small box in the corner of B-site from where Cypher’s Cage can be bounced off and it will land on top of B main. When activated it creates a one-way smoke and defenders can shoot at attackers without being seen.

The recent patch made numerous adjustments made to Split’s A site too, however, by god’s grace no one has come up with any exploits for the A-site as of now. Riot is recieveing severe backlash from the community for worsening the already messed up Split meta and are demanding for a patch fix immediately. Riot’s intention with the recent Split changes was to make things more balanced. However, things went the other way round.