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Guild Esports Sign Sponsorship Deal with Samsung

The David Beckham-backed Guild eSports have signed a big sponsorship with Samsung, bringing them forward and giving them further backing to improve over the next few years. The electronics powerhouse has signed a deal that will mean Samsung provides monitors for the academy, pro-players who are signed up, the content creators who work behind the scenes, and staff.

The monitors provided will be from the Odyssey range of monitors that Samsung have produced, which are said to be of a high quality and will no doubt help the team. 

Who are Guild esports?

Guild Esports was founded back in 2019 and has formerly been known as the Lords esports in the past. This company was the first esports company to be publicly traded in the United Kingdom and is co-owned by former footballer and UK celebrity, David Beckham

In June 2020, the company raised private funds, and this is when Beckham invested in the company. This also coincided with the name change, and since then they have been known as Guild eSports. With the business side of esports continuing to grow, anyone who wants to have success needs funds, so don’t be surprised to see a lot more companies raise further capital in the future. 

The Details of the Deal

This deal is far greater than just some monitors being given from one company to another. One aspect that fans are going to enjoy is that both companies will collaborate to create experiences and activities for their fans, which sounds like an exciting proposition. 

Fans will also be hoping this deal helps their team perform better, with greater technology behind them to help with that. This team continues to emerge as a player across the world in the esports industry, and they could well become popular with those using new betting sites for esports. With betting on esports increasing in popularity, gamblers are always looking for ways to work out who is improving and worth wagering on, deals like this one could make a difference over time and bring more investment into the team.

The deal is also the first time that Samsung has partnered with an esports company that is based in the UK. This isn’t their first esports deal however, they have already secured two partnerships in 2021 prior to this, with Ninjas Pyjamas and CLG. Thanks to this agreement, Samsung will become the official display partner of Guild esports. 

This is the third deal that Guild esports have signed, as they look to improve and make their mark globally. The UK based company has previously signed deals with gaming brand HyperX and sandwich company Subway, both will be hoping to see their sponsored team grow to compete at the highest level around the world. 

There are positives for both the team and its sponsor with this deal, which is exactly what a sponsorship deal should look like. For Guild Esports, this deal is a big one, and hopefully the start of further companies coming on board to assist, which is only going to help them compete against the bigger teams out there.

For Samsung, it further shows their growth into eSports, and for the first time, esports in the UK as they look to expand as a company and find additional revenue streams.

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