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Guild Esports Qualify for Valorant Masters Copenhagen Playoffs

The second game of day 2 of VCT Masters Copenhagen had the winners of Day one, Guild Esports and KRU esports taking on each other. 

Both Guild and KRU managed to upset the finalists of the VCT Masters Reykavik Optic Gaming and LOUD, respectively, putting them into an elimination game. 

The Guild Esports managed to overwhelm Optic Gaming and edged Optic to win the series 2-0, while KRU managed to edge out LOUD in the decider match. The map has high stakes as the winner would qualify for the Playoffs. 

The map veto started with KRU banning Split while Guild banned Haven, KRU’s comfort pick. KRU then chose to play Bind, their strong map, while Guild Chose to play Fracture they are strong on. 

While KRU then chose to ban Ascent, Guild banned breeze, a map they don’t play, and icebox stays as a common ground for both teams. 

Bind started with KRU on attack and managed to win the two rounds, but Guild defended the site well and won the half 7-5. 

KRU, now on defense, managed to close out the site for the Guild and repeat what Guild did to draw the game, forcing overtime. 

Overtime started with KRU attacking and killing the site attackers to win the attack round, then on defense completely dismantled Guild’s Attack to win their map pick 14-12. 

Now onto Fracture, On attack, Guild won the first three rounds, but KRU managed three consecutive rounds. But Guild again started gaining momentum and won the half 9-3. 

Despite losing the starting two rounds on defense, Guild managed to defend their sites and won the half 13-6 to draw the series 1-1. 

Icebox started well for Guild, where they managed to win the first two rounds, but KRU managed to win five rounds consecutively. Guild eventually found the answer to KRU’s defense, accumulating five rounds in the end to close the half 5-7.

Guild started strong, winning four out of the five rounds on defense, equalizing the game on 9-9. Guild won the next two rounds, and momentum seemed to shift in their favor. But Mazino’s managed to put KRU on their back and managed to draw the game 12-12 to force an Overtime. 

The overtime was a battle of Sages with Russ and Mazino killing each other with teams exchanging defense halves for two overtime. In the last overtime, Guild managed to blindside the A defenders to win their attacking half. 

On defense, despite being a man down, read KRU’s position and outplayed them to defuse the spike and win the map 16-14 and the game 2-1. 

With this victory, Guild became the first team to qualify for the Playoffs stage of the VCT Master Copenhagen from the group stage.

KRU would now face the winner of the Optic/LOUD game the day after. 

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