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Gods Reign Defeats Revenant to Win Skyesports Masters Grand Finals

Gods Reign beat Revenant Esports to win the 2023 Skyesprots Masters CSGO Tournament. The best of three Grand Finals did not reach the final map as GR took two to show their dominance on the big stage. Gods Reign will take home a whopping $53,944 along with a trophy to boast. With CS2 being on the horizon, Gods Reign might as well have secured the last big trophy of CSGO in the Indian esports landscape.

Picks & Bans

  • Revenant removed Vertigo
  • Gods Reign removed Nuke
  • Revenant picked Anubis
  • Gods Reign picked Ancient
  • Revenant removed Overpass
  • Gods Reign removed Mirage
  • Inferno was left over

Game 1: Anubis [Pick: Revenant; Winners: Gods Reign]

Revenant Esports kicked off the T-side of Anubis with a flawless pistol round win before converting a second win despite a force-buy from Gods Reign. The latter could get their first point on the scoreboard in the fourth round but failed to carry over their momentum as Revenant swiftly regained composure. The two teams traded a few rounds back and forth but Gods Reign eventually stole the lead from their opponents to end the half with a 9-6 advantage.

A second pistol round win from Revenant enabled them to get back on track, but Gods Reign weren’t about to give up that easily as they kept stealing rounds from their competitors at every opportunity they got. Revenant could only put up eleven rounds on the board before Gods Reign took them down with a convenient score of 16-11 on their own map pick.

Game 2: Ancient [Pick: Gods Reign; Winners: Gods Reign]

Revenant Esports found themselves on a must-win encounter against Gods Reign having lost their own pick. Starting on the defence in Anceint, RNT failed to get going and Gods Reign continued their momentum from the last map and cruised in with a pistol round win which they followed up by converting the subsequent rounds. It wasn’t until the first gun round that RNT managed to get point on the board but they failed to show any promise as a offense driven by Ph1NNN, reV3nnnn, and Crazy_Gamer was too much for them to handle. The first half clearly pointed the difference between two sides as RNT trailed by 5 rounds to GR’s 10.

The second half saw GR convert the pistol round but fall to a force buy from RNT who at this point were desperate to get something go their way. The force buy saw them convert two more rounds but thats all the GR defense let them have as post round 19, it was all Gods Reign who won 5 rounds in a row to bring home the Skyesports Masters title.

Hrishikesh ‘Crazy_Gamer’ Shenoy stood out as the best performer through the two maps for Gods Gods Reign having dropped 42 kills with a score of 1.32. His teammates in Ph1NNN, reV3nnnn, clouda and KillSwitCh answered the calls when their team needed them throughout the tournament. Their combined efforts forged Gods Reign into a formidable team as they find themselves on the apex of the Indian Counter Strike with a huge trophy under their belt.

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