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Gods Reign Crush Marcos to Book Spot in Skyesports Masters Final

Gods Regin has booked their spot in the Skyesports Masters Final having beaten Marcos with a 2-0 scoreline in the most dominant of fashion. Marcos having failed to win more than 8 rounds in two maps combined, will have to settle with a top 4 finish despite being the favorite heading into the game. Parijat ‘reV3nnnn’ Banerjee stood out as the best player with a 1.81 rating across both maps and by far was the driving force behind this one-sided triumph.

Picks & Bans

  • Marcos removed Anubis
  • Gods Reign removed Nuke
  • Marcos picked Overpass
  • Gods Reign picked Ancient
  • Marcos removed Mirage
  • Gods Reign removed Vertigo
  • Inferno was left over

Game 1: Overpass [Pick: Marcos; Winners: Gods Reign]

Marcos coming into the match having dominated in the earlier stages looked like the favorites to go through however, GR came in prepared for everything that they were about to throw at them. The first round of the second semi-final went the way of Marcos but it was only a matter of time before their offense would fall flat. GR won the force buy round but lost the next upon which they were able to find their footing. Winning 12 rounds in a row crushed the hopes of establishing any sort of lead in their own map pick. Marcos ended the first half with only two rounds under their belt.

The domination from the first half continued in the second as Marcos failed to pick up a single round. Crazy_Gamer’s stellar 24-6 scoreline blew away the hopes of Marcos in their own map pick. God’s Regin worked like a well-oiled machine, with every player chiming in when the team needed them, while the same can’t be said for Marcos as they go into their opponent’s map pick with a 16-2 loss on their own.

Game 2: Anubis [Pick: Gods Reign; Winners: Gods Reign]

Gods Regin picked up their form from the last map and started off with a pistol-round victory. However, Marcos was able to put together 6 rounds once the rifle round began but post that it was all Gods Regin. The match wasn’t a match, to begin with as Marcos failed to pick up any round after that aforementioned 6. The first half ended with a 9-6 scoreline favoring Gods Reigns with reV3nnn leading the charger on their offense.

Moving onto the second half, Gods Reign continued its domination and did not let Marcos find their footing. reV3nnnn stood out as the best player dropping a 28-9 scoreline and boasting an ADR of 116.2. On their offense, Marcos were able to plant bombs in only two rounds which goes to show how dominant God’s Reign was.

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