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GodLike Esports Promises a Comeback, Vows to Remove Underperformers

Ever since the relaunch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in May 2023, one of the most prominent teams in the community, GodLike Esports, has been grappling with underwhelming performances. The team failed to qualify for both major tournaments that took place since the game’s relaunch. 

In BGMI Masters Series, the team faced elimination after the conclusion of Week 2, and in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023, the team faced elimination in Round 4. However, hope is on the horizon as Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, the owner of GodLike Esports, recently addressed the concerns that have been plaguing the organization’s fanbase.

GodLike Esports’ Plan of Action for Team’s Revival

Following GodLike Esports’ elimination from BGIS 2023, Kronten hosted a live stream on his YouTube channel after a long time. During this session, his viewers raised their concerns regarding GodLike Esports’ recent mediocre performance. He acknowledged the team’s struggles and took a firm stance on their future. “What do you think? We can’t change the team? We can’t sign underdog players? It won’t even take a minute for us to do that,” he said. However, expressing his faith on the players, he added, “But there’s a hope, there’s trust we have on Neyoo, ZGod, JONATHAN, SPower.”

Kronten’s commitment to the revival of the team was evident as he explained the roadmap to redemption. “If they (players) can’t solve problems in the upcoming small tournaments or even scrims as they have told us, then before the next major tournament, we will solve all problems and you will get to see our original performance,” he stated. 

GodLike Esports Vows to Remove Underperforming Players

GodLike Esports fans can expect swift action in the coming weeks if the team does not perform well. Kronten stated, “In the upcoming one to two weeks, if any player does not perform up to the mark, if they don’t bring out their individual performances, then we will remove them. We have decided to remove them, and even the players have agreed to it. Hence, they are grinding hard. Let’s see how they play and perform in the coming weeks.”

GodLike Esports’ recent struggles have not gone unnoticed, and the team is determined to bounce back stronger than ever. Players, as well as the fans, are hoping to make a comeback in the upcoming tournaments. However, only time will tell whether the team will make a comeback or the organization will have to take stringent action. 

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