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GodLike Esports Faces Elimination From BGMS Season 2

After an arduous journey in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2, GodLike Esports has faced a heartbreaking exit from the tournament. Being one of the fan favourite teams, GodLike Esports was anticipated to make waves in the tournament. However, the team’s journey has come to an end with a mere two points separating them from the Super Weekend 2.

GodLike Esports, Revenant Esports, Spy Esports, and True Rippers Eliminated from BGMS Season 2

GodLike Esports’ road in BGMS Season 2 was riddled with challenges right from the start. The team failed to qualify for Super Weekend 1, missing out on a chance to add points on the overall leaderboard. Hopes were high that they would bounce back in League Week 2, but their struggle persisted. Ultimately, the team was eliminated from the tournament. Alongside GodLike Esports, Revenant Esports, Spy Esports, and True Rippers also could not qualify for Super Weekend 2.

Super Weekend 2 offered a glimmer of hope for teams to secure their positions in the upcoming stages. With a total of 16 slots up for grabs, the competition was fierce, as four teams had already secured their spots through Super Weekend 1. With only 12 slots up for remaining, the pressure was on all the teams.

GodLike Esports’ bid for glory hit a snag as they secured the 15th position on the League Week 2 leaderboard. This lackluster performance dealt a heavy blow to their chances of advancement. The team currently stands at 19th position on the overall leaderboard, a far cry from the expectations that surrounded the team at the beginning of the tournament. Additionally, the ranking on the overall leaderboard will fall further as the Super Weekend 2 progresses. 

As the dust settles on GodLike Esports’ journey in BGMS Season 2, the reality of their elimination sinks in. The team’s inability to qualify for Super Weekend 2 and their subsequent absence from the upcoming stages have left fans disappointed. 

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