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God Of War Ragnarok: Which Characters Will Die?

The sequel to the highly praised PlayStation exclusive God Of War is on its way for release on 9th November and introduces many new characters to the game. While new characters are being added, we will be bidding farewell to some old beloved(or hated) characters during the campaign. 

Since the release is so close, Sony has generously provided review copies to media outlets and has allowed them to share initial impressions barring story spoilers. Although Sony had asked reviewers to keep story spoilers secret until the release, some screenshots of the initial gameplay still leaked on social media. While the screenshots only included the initial hour of the gameplay, the fans were livid and started speculating about characters that we might be seeing for the last time this winter. 

Do note that the list below is only a speculation that fans discussed on different game forums and no character death is set in stone yet. Furthermore, the leaked screenshot didn’t show anything worthwhile related to the story that might suggest the characters below might die for sure. So take this information as mere speculation.

Which Character Will Die In God Of War Ragnarok

1. Thor

Son of Odin, Thor is a Norse God of Thunder and a natural enemy of Kratos and Atreus. Since during 2018’s story, Kratos and his son killed Magni and severely injured Modi, both sons of Thor, we expect a showdown between Thor and Kratos where the latter will eventually manage to kill Thor but receive heavy injuries. 

Another piece that may hint at Thor getting killed is confirmed via Norse Mythology which states that almost all Norse gods will die during Ragnarok and Thor is also on that list. However, Norse Mythology also states that Magni and Modi survive Ragnarok which isn’t possible now with Magni killed in 2018’s God Of War. It would be interesting to see how God of War: Ragnarok changes this story to suit the upcoming events and whether the story follows the Norse Mythos or just divert more. 

2. Tyr

As teased in the Trailer, Tyr is another Aesir God that was imprisoned by Odin long ago. Kratos and Atreus will finally free Tyr from his eternal imprisonment and as the trailer shows, Tyr will side with Kratos. 

In the Norse Mythos, Tyr is also destined to die during Ragnarok while fighting the giant guard dog, Garm. Garm (or Garmr) will break free during the events of Ragnarok, along with many other bound and imprisoned monsters, to ravage the world of men. He and Tyr would kill each other in battle.

It is also possible that Allfather, Odin himself makes a move and finishes off Tyr for breaking free from the eternal prison.  

3. Surtr

Only mentioned during the previous God Of War, it is speculated that Surtr might be appearing during Ragnarok. In the Norse Mythos, Surtr is seen as a linchpin during the events of Ragnarok, so much so that his presence alone fears Odin. It is prophesied that Surtr will be the one destroying Asgard using his eternal flame sword.  

As for the game, we speculate that Surtr will remain a chaotic neutral character that sides with no one. But since Odin fears him, it is highly possible that Odin or Thor might be the one taking his head. 

4. Heimdall or Loki

Along with other gods, Heimdall and Loki are destined to die during the events of Ragnarok while fighting each other. In the Norse Mythos, Loki will break free from his imprisonment and fight against the gods on Odin’s side. 

It is possible that Loki and his sons will join Kratos and Atreus. Since Heimdall is the protector of Bifrost a key piece for Odin and Asgard it is a possibility that Heimdall himself will make a move a move against Loki during Ragnarok and both die fighting each other. 

5. Odin

It is speculated that Odin will finally show himself in the latter half of the game after many of his gods die fighting Kratos and his group. Odin will first appear talking to Kratos and Atreus at their home in the early hours of the campaign. 

Since Ragnarok is the end of Norse Mythos, it is highly possible that Odin will be the final boss of the game. And as per the story, Fenrir will be the one to kill Odin by swallowing the Allfather during Ragnarok. Fenrir is then killed by Odin’s son Vidarr, an event which may lay the foundation for the sequel after Ragnarok. 

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