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Top 8 Most Useful Nether Mobs In Minecraft

The Nether is the second and most hazardous realm in Minecraft. It’s packed with lava and dangerous monsters. A mob is a live creature-like AI-driven gaming entity. The term “mob” is an abbreviation for “mobile entity.” In this article, we are going to discuss about the most useful Nether Mobs in Minecraft.

Continue reading to learn about the top 8 most beneficial Mobs in Minecraft Nether.


The Strider is a one-of-a-kind mob that can only be found in the Nether. Because of this, nothing beats Nether travel because of their resistance to lava. Striders, unlike other monsters, can walk on top of lava without sinking. This allows players to explore the Nether as they like, without fear of plummeting to their deaths.

Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons inflict 5 damage on each hit and also apply the Wither effect to you. Unlike poison, the Wither effect will constantly hurt you for 5 seconds and the damage is deadly. Wither Skeleton is a ferocious predator that will attack players on sight. The Wither Skeleton skull, which can be used to summon the Wither, is obtained mostly from this mob.


Blazes are hostile creatures that float around nether strongholds and are the only source of blazing rods. These rods are important in brewing because they may be used as fuel for both brewing and smelting. Furthermore, the blazing powder is used to make the eye of the ender, which directs the player to the End.


Ghasts are enormous white floating ghost-like hostile entities that unleash explosive fireballs at the player in the Nether. With their mix of flight and a distant attack, they are one of the most vexing mobs in the game. They drop ghast tears and gunpowder, both of which are high-tier brewing and crafting components.


Hoglin minecraft

A Hoglin is a rebreeding hostile mob present in the Nether that can be obtained for pork chops and leather. If a Hoglin spawns in or goes to the Overworld or the End, it shakes for 15 seconds before transforming into a Zoglin. Despite their antagonistic nature, both Zoglins and Hoglins may be led using a lead.


Enderman minecraft

The Enderman may be found in the Overworld. Apart from that, they also spawn often in the Nether, particularly in Warped Forest. They have the ability to teleport and deliver 4.5 damage on each hit. Endermen’s ender pearls are valuable for a variety of purposes. It is necessary to make the Eye of Ender, which players must get in order to enter the End.


Piglin minecraft

Piglins are neutral creatures that may be found in crimson woods, nether deserts, and bastion ruins. Equip any set of Gold armor to gain their favor. As Piglins flee from zombified Piglins, soul fire, soul torches, soul campfires, and soul lanterns, you may use one of those things to lure Piglins to your farm, where they can be caged with blocks.

Piglin Brutes

Piglin Brutes minecraft

A Piglin brute is an aggressive and powerful Piglin variation that may be found in all sorts of bastion remains. They constantly assault the player on sight, unlike normal Piglins. Brutes do not bargain, do not withdraw, and are not swayed by riches. They wield axes like Vindicators and can deliver 13 to 19 damage every hit.

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