Global Esports, the Indian organization, have parted ways with the Polish duo of Kamil ‘kamil’ Kamiński & Adrian “Zorineq” Kołodziejski.

The Polish duo were brought into the team when Global Esports signed a new roster on the 4th of March 2019 alongside Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose, Rahul “t1toSAVAGE” Sridhar and Tejas “Rexy” Kotian and Chinmay “PokI” Mehta who was transferred from Entity Gaming.

With the Poles onboard, Global Esports qualified for COBX Masters through the closed Indian Qualifiers but failed to make it to IEM Sydney after losing to NASR in the closed qualifiers.

In their Facebook post, Global Esport mentioned that they are preparing for the “for roster changes in the upcoming CS season”.

A statement from Rushindra Sinha, CEO and Founder at Global Esports said:

We had spoken to them only about Cobx so they made arrangements only till mid-April. They have other personal commitments back home. We are working out a way to possibly work long term in the future but are currently in tryouts for their roles. This was our first foray into CS and our team is only 1 month old. We have 9 other teams/games that we handle and manage. We now see the growth and potential for CS and so we’re going to dedicate more resources to our CS team

The Global Esports roster now is down to:

  • [flag=in] Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose
  • [flag=in] Rahul “t1toSAVAGE” Sridhar
  • [flag=in] Tejas “Rexy” Kotian