Global Esports adds t3xture, Bazzi, and WRONSKI to Valorant Roster

Global Esports have actively expanded across the globe with the signings of t3xture, Bazzi, and WRONSKI.

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A brand new video featuring Global Esports’ 2023 Valorant roster was just published on YouTube. There will be other signings, but those details have not been disclosed as of yet. As of right now, there have been four players have been formally announced.

As reported earlier by TalkEsport, Indian-based competitive gaming and esports company Global Esports has created History as one of the few Indian Gaming Companies to be selected to participate in an entry into the Prestigious Valorant International league.

However, only time will tell which players make the cut for the team that will compete in the Pacific League. The organization had already declared that it will field a 10-player roster that will include its existing Indian players. However, only time will tell which players make the cut.

Bazzi is a player from South Korea who has competed for multiple teams in the past, including Crazy Raccoon, Cloud9 Korea, and others. Additionally, he has competed in both Masters and Champions competitions, and he will be joined by a third Korean participant in the tournament (previously known as s3xture).

T3xture has participated with DAMWON Gaming and has enjoyed a great deal of success on the national scene in South Korea; nevertheless, it is unknown whether or not he is capable of competing successfully at the international level. His previous squad failed not to get to the Champions stage despite the fact that he was a prolific player in Challengers competitions.

Last but not least, we have Wronski, a member of the bands Mindfreak and ORDER. The player has a strong reputation in the Oceania circuit and has won many times at the Valorant Oceania Tour competitions. The identities of the players who will round out Global Esports’ 2023 roster have not yet been disclosed.
The fact that no Indian players have been unveiled as of yet has caused some supporters to express their unease on social media. However, the Indian players are still a part of Global Esports and will continue to participate with the squad till further notification is provided.

The addition of Ayrin to the Global Esports roster was a huge one for the Indian Organization. Prior to this, he dominated the NA scene with XSET and contributed to the team’s victory in the North America Stage 2 Challengers as well as other NSG tournaments. In addition to that, he has previous experience competing in both Masters and Champions competitions.