Global Esports becomes the First Indian Gaming to secure VALORANT partnership

As reported by TalkEsport earlier, Indian-based competitive gaming and esports company Global Esports has created History as one of the few Indian Gaming Company to be selected to participate in an entry into the Prestigious Valorant International league.

Since its debut in mid-2020, Valorant quickly become one of the highest watched, most watched esports titles around the world. The recently concluded Valorant Champions Tour at Istanbul The event was record-breaking in viewers, with the final game which saw 1.4Mn viewers concurrently for the channel that is official. In the coming year next year, it will be the Valorant champions tour will be transforming to a league-based format in which all the teams in the top thirty in the world will be competing.

Ten teams originate from all across APAC in addition, Global Esports (Gesports Pvt. Ltd) will be the only representative of that region. South Asia region.

Global Esports has a history of identifying talent and honing it that eventually lead to become champion teams. Their most recent victory came in the recent Battleground Mobile India Master Series that was also the first event to be telecast on television in India. This event was able to surpass the attendance of traditional sports within its first week.

In the Valorant league, Global Esports is the top group with Valorant in South Asia and is the only team to have earned its place as the representative of India/South Asia three times in APAC tournaments. Their performance on international stage was however marred by a number of issues.

In the event of being unable to travel because of the pandemic to the requirement to play at the time they arrive However, with the International League, Global Esports will have the chance to move to and begin operations in Korea that will serve as the central city of the Pacific League.

Korea is the home of esports. The move will allow them to get better at their game and compete against the top teams from Asia and the rest of around the globe for millions of dollars in prize pools.

This essentially is a full-circle story for us. From being one of the oldest standing such companies in India to now becoming the youngest such brand in this super exclusive group of just 30 teams worldwide.

The average age of the top 10 brands in this league, is more than twice that of us, their net worth runs into almost 4 billion dollars. Imagine emerging talent from our region not just getting a chance to play against those established names, but also getting to show their skills to someday play for them. This is life-changing!

Dr. Rushindra Sinha, Founder & CEO, Global Esports

Riot games have historically always created state of art Media IPs and some insane collaborations for their games & events. We have already seen Riot’s commitment to “League of Legends”, with their full-blown animated series “Arcane” which went on to win Emmy’s, so we are more than excited to see how they approach this philosophy with Valorant. Their first esports musical anthem has already crossed 40Mn + views on YouTube, and am sure it wont be their last. With our in-house studio capabilities at Global Esports, we aim to contribute by creating compelling story formats that capture the journey of our league players and showcase their path to playing professionally at the highest level.

Mohit Israney, Founder, MD, Global Esports