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How To Raise Friendship Level In Genshin Impact

There are 29 playable characters in Genshin Impact with separate friendship levels. Read on to find out how to increase them.

Genshin Impact is the newest trend in the world of online role-playing games. The open-world RPG by miHoYo features 29 playable characters that can be obtained by simply playing the game or through the Gacha system by ‘Wishing’.

Every single playable character in Genshin Impact is unique and specialize in different aspects. The characters also have separate friendship levels which can be increased in various ways while playing the game. Let’s take a look at how you can increase your friendship level of a character.

After you reach Adventurer Rank 12 in Genshin Impact, you’ll gain access to daily ‘Commission Quests’. Your friendship level with the characters will increase on finishing these Commission Quests. You can also do dungeons across the map to improve the friendship levels of characters in your party.

To check the current friendship level of a certain character, go to their respective character profile screens and look for the friendship bar which can be found at the lower right of the screen.

As you increase your friendship levels with the characters, you’ll unlock more lores and backstories on those characters. The higher your friendship level, the more lore you have access to about a particular character. You’ll also get new voice lines for characters as you level up their friendship levels.

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