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Genesis Esports announce New State Mobile Roster

Genesis Esports, a brand new esports organization from India, has acquired old dogs from BGMI esports to announce a PUBG: New State roster. Their entry into New State esports has raised the bar of competition in India.

Genesis is entering into the world of esports with substantial backing as the investment made by them in PUBG: New State roster is humongous, dedicated towards developing the mobile esports ecosystem in India after it was hampered by the ban of BGMI.

PUBG: New State has become the new trending BR esports title in India after the ban of BGMI. The tournament organizers have started to invest in its growth and the prize pools have already touched a staggering amount of ₹1 Cr in a short span. This has attracted many new organizations to enter New State esports.

Genesis Esports is a new entity that comes under Major Esports. The parent company has now signed some big names to their roster via Genesis Esports. In a recent announcement video with incredible visuals, they announced the signing of Punkk, Pukar and Fierce.

Readers familiar with BGMI Esports already know these names as Pukar has been a part of Skylightz Gaming, the first BGIS champions, and Punkk and Fierce were a part of Team XO, one of the oldest and well-known tier-one mobile esports organizations.

Moving forward, Genesis Esports will be seen playing in some of the top PUBG: New State tournaments in the country and fighting for valor and humongous prize pools.

It will be interesting to see how these BGMI pros will transition into New State esports as the game has some different mechanisms and advanced tech as compared to BGMI.

Divyesh Moghe
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