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Why ‘Path of Exile’ is a Great Choice for Competitive Players


The year 2020 was seemingly quite successful for Path of Exile. The game received a bunch of new leagues to explore, mainly the Harvest and Heist. However, we are only one month into 2021 and the game has received its first expansion for this year, namely ‘Echoes of the Atlas’. The expansion fills Path of Exile’s endgame even further, introducing new bosses, quests, and skill trees.

Putting that aside, the game has a lot going on. If you’re considering to skip the game due to its eagle’s eye-view gameplay, then that decision would be nothing short of a bad call. Path of exile is an amazing ARPG that is certainly worth the praise it receives from players across the globe. And if you’re on the fence for trying out the game, then here are five reasons why you absolutely should!


Other than offering great gameplay, what can possibly make it groundbreaking? Well, making it free-to-play is certainly one of the options. Unlike games like Diablo 3, for which users spend hours looking for cheapest D3 keys and despite some optional micro-transactions, Path of Exile is entirely free to download and play. And though the game did not have the best release, it has been refined and polished throughout the years, making it possibly one of the best multiplayer games out there. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call it the best ARPG to date.

Tons of Content

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Path of Exile is known for the amount of content it packs. With a runtime of over seven years, the game will certainly have something for everyone. Not to mention, Grinding Gear Games has significantly improved their content over the years. The development team has been notorious for rushing its content, filling it with unavoidable errors. However, their expansions have always been flawless, and the vast majority can easily sink their teeth into everything Path of Exile has to offer.

Dedicated Dev Team

Path of Exile, or PoE, was developed by the Grinding Gear Games team. And if there’s one thing they are known for, it is their determination to improve their games. The team pushes out several patches each month, striving to address the minor concerns, while also focusing on the bigger patches, also known as Leagues. These so-called ‘Leagues’ bring new mechanics, loot, and skins to the game. Since most games, if not all, are known to release larger updates once or twice a year, PoE brings new Leagues every 3-4 months. Nevertheless, it is clear that Grinding Gear Games is consistently improving the game, and thus, striving for perfection.   

Awesome Community

Having trouble beat a boss? Or perhaps you’re looking for a build that fits your character? Either way, Path of Exile’s closely-knit community will provide you all the help you may need. With gameplay guides all over the internet, and newer guides showing up every day, the average player has an abundance of knowledge to gain and share with other players. From YouTube tutorials to in-depth power-leveling guides, your exile will be dominating Wraeclast in no time.

One may argue that other games have similar communities. And while that might be true, most communities are filled with toxic players. Path of Exile’s community always welcomes new players with open arms. In fact, you will undoubtedly be taken aback by how friendly and helpful the community is on Path of Exile. 

Unique Playstyle

The ARPG genre has experienced a considerable decline in recent years, and for good reason. The gameplay is rather redundant—select your class and invest points into your stats. This limited playstyle will undeniably hinder the average player’s interest in the game. However, Path of Exile begs to differ. The game comes with diverse skills and abilities that do not restrict you from trying other abilities. Path of Exile manages to do this through skill gems that can be equipped to grant different skills for different situations. Also, this enables the player to customize their builds and characters with over a hundred skill gems to select from.

Alas, having read this far, you will likely have an idea of what Path of Exile offers. And if you are convinced, what is the wait for? Go ahead, download the game and try it out— it is free after all. But more importantly, if you want a headstart in the game, then buying Path of Exile currency may bode you well.   

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