How to get Cobra Guardian Backpack in Free Fire?

free fire cobra guardian backpack

Free Fire recently pushed a new global update and with the new version, a lot of new content is added to the game. A new character named Shirou has been added to the game and as this new season is termed as ‘Project Cobra’, designated events related to this theme have also been added. One of the events in Free Fire is called a ‘Check-in’ event and in the login event, one can earn the new Cobra Guardian Backpack for free.

Garena always focuses on the new content that could be added to their flagship title Free Fire and with each new update, several things are introduced to the game. Recently, the game has added a new event where players can earn several items for free just by logging in to the game.

This new event is known as the Project Cobra check-in event and is a simple login event. Whenever a player will log in to the game a certain number of times, they will earn the designated reward. This event will run for seven days and will end on 5th March so there is ample time if you have not begun yet.

The list of rewards is given below. You simply need to make sure that you log in to the game on that specific day to get the item you want. The Cobra Guardian Backpack is the special reward for logging in on the seventh day of this event in Free Fire.

  • Log in on Day 1– Bounty Token Play Card[Valid for 7 days].
  • Log on Day 3 – Pet Food.
  • Log in on Day 5 – 500 Universal Fragments.
  • Log in on Day 7 – Cobra Guardian Backpack.

Remember that to unlock subsequent rewards, you need to log in consecutively for seven days straight. At the end of this event, you will earn this backpack for free. You can get these items by visiting the events calendar section and then clicking on the ‘Project Cobra 27/2’ tab.

There is also a special reward if you log in on 27th February in Free Fire. You can get the latest character ‘Shirou’ for free if you log in on that day. So do not miss this opportunity to get this character completely free.

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