Ransomware Disguised As Cyberpunk 2077 Mobile affecting android users

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One of the best things about the android platform is the ability to download mobile apps from sources other than the Google Play Store and easily install them. But sometimes this unrestricted access has resulted in users getting virus-ridden fake apps that disguise themselves as original apps and scam them. The same happened with Cyberpunk 2077 Mobile, especially on Android.

Cyberpunk 2077 Android Download is Fake; Leads to Ransomware

As per a report by Kaspersky malware analyst “Tatyana Shishkova”, there is a fake website with a layout similar to that of the Google Play Store offering a mobile version of the latest “Cyberpunk 2077” game. Once the user tries to install the app, instead of installing a pocket version of the game it installs a ransomware-ridden app on the unsuspecting victim’s phone and locks the user out of the device.

The ransomware dubbed as CoderWare demands the victim to send $500 Bitcoins within 10 hours to unlock the phone or risk losing files/data on the device permanently. 

This isn’t the first time unsuspecting users have fallen prey to these tricks used by hackers and end up losing access to their device. But like most cases, ransomware CoderWare has a hardcoded key, meaning it can be without paying the ransom.

CoderWare ransomware is a modified version of BlackKingdom malware seen in early 2020 in some free VPN installers that had infected many PCs running Microsoft Windows. 

CD Projekt Red hasn’t revealed any plans about porting the game over to a mobile platform, so it is better to not fall prey to any app claiming to be “Cyberpunk 2077 Mobile”.

Although it is still possible to play the game on mobile with the help of Cloud-Gaming services like Nvidia Geforce Now and Google Stadia. Check out here for more information regarding Geforce Now and Google Stadia for mobile. 

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