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Mr Beast’ Assistant Isnt Shot Dead; Here’s Real Story

An article indicating the tragic passing of Chandler Hallow following a shootout while filming a stunt has been dismissed as a fake and a hoax by the man himself.

While celebrities are subjected to fake news every other day but for credible sources to spread a hoax of such magnitude is too bizarre to think of. As soon as the news surfaced, fans were left in shock but were relieved soon to know that the whole thing was for nought.

Hallow himself ironically posted a screen of the said article on Twitter with the caption, “just found out I died” as an act of irony. The Tweet garnered just a little under 400K likes and the replies were full of fans who were happy to know that he was okay.

Fans were overjoyed with the news being fake and

One tweeted: “I thought this was real until I saw you post this.”

“RIP they’re still posting for him to make it seem like hes still here. We miss him so much”, joked another.

Another fan joked: “Is this the ghost of chandler tweeting?? OMG!”

“Okay this scared me for a second until I read it was you that posted it,” tweeted another.

The author of the article, Mark Savage was quick to deny the responsibility of the article claiming that no such thing was written by him that the screenshot does not represent an authentic BBC article and that he wasn’t the one behind it. He added that he sticks to news from the music space and this is not his area of expertise.

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