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Apex Legends Season 16: Start Date, New Legend, Leaks, and More

Players are curious about what Apex Legends Season 16 will bring to the battle royale in its sixteenth season.

And with each new season of Apex Legends comes a unique selection of stuff, such as new guns, modifications to existing weapons, character adjustments (such as nerfs or buffs), and potentially new maps. Let’s look at what we should anticipate from the 16th season of Apex Legends.

If there is anything else related to Apex that you are looking for, we also have updated tier lists for the top legends in Apex Legends throughout the current season and lists of the best weapons in Apex Legends that players can utilize.

When will Apex Legends Season 16 start?

The release date of Apex Legends Season 16 is scheduled for February 14, 2023. This is based on the current Battle Pass for Apex Legends, which, when it first began on November 1, 2022, had 105 days to go before it expired.

Be sure to finish off Season 15’s Battle Pass by February 14, so you can unlock the new one that comes with the new season and its accompanying Battle Pass.

Further Leaks of Apex Legends Season 16

Dataminers for Apex Legends are known for their expertise and have a track record of discovering new content before its official release. According to a reliable leaker named Osvaldatore, one of the new characters that could be added to the game is the hero who had previously been deleted, and his name is Uplink.

Uplink was a support hero that Respawns discarded at the beginning of the game because his kit and skills were considered too powerful for the battle royale mode.

There are also rumors that Fade, the hero limited to the mobile version of Apex Legends, may no longer be exclusive and may join the main roster of Apex Legends. More confirmation will be made available to us as the premiere date of Season 16 draws nearer.

New Maps in Apex Legends Season 16

Given that Broken Moon was launched as a new map during Season 15, it is quite doubtful that another map will be added at any time in the near future. However, what we will witness is a change in the map’s orientation.

There has been no announcement regarding the next map rotation as of yet; nevertheless, it is quite likely that Storm Point and Broken Moon will receive a greater amount of focus during the following season.

Weapons available in Apex Legends Season 16

New weapon updates, including new weapons, buffs, or nerfs, are introduced during each new season of Overwatch. However, throughout the course of each season, there is a shifting pattern of which weapons are included in and excluded from the care packages.

There is no hint as to which weapons might see a change as of right now, but it should come as no surprise that a lot of people expect the Spitfire will return to its previous role as a Heavy weapon. In addition, the current batch of things that have been enclosed in the care box will be removed.

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