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Destiny 2 gets BattlEye anti-cheat


Destiny 2 has been plagued with cheaters in the game’s PvP modes and according to Bungie’s blog post last year, cheating had increased by 50 percent. And the inclusion of Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, two of the game’s most competitive multiplayer modes, has certainly encouraged people to take the ‘easy way’.

Furthermore, the developers stated that “[their] overall goal with Destiny security is to provide a competitive, fair ecosystem where cheaters are rarely seen and are rapidly ejected from the game. We’re not there right now, and we’re increasing the priority. We’ll keep you posted.” 

Since then, in an effort to curb down hacking, the studio has filed multiple lawsuits against cheat sellers and distributors alike. While various other developers such as Ubisoft and Riot have taken a similar stance and filed complaints against the distribution of hacks and cheats causing disruptive behavior.

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But it seems that players won’t have to stay frustrated for long as Bungie has partnered with BattlEye to bring the anti-cheat system starting next season in update 3.2.0.

This anti-cheat system is present in various multiplayer titles such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Fortnite, PUBG and Escape from Tarkov. While it certainly isn’t perfect, as one can encounter cheaters and hackers once in a while, it’ll possibly slow down the influx of hackers and hopefully provide a much better PvP experience.

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