Apex Legends Players Getting Banned For No Reason

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The anti-cheat system in Apex Legends appears to be malfunctioning since it is banning gamers for no apparent reason.

The third-party anti-cheat software called Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), which is used in Apex Legends, is banning players for no apparent reason and throwing errors. Players who are banned can’t contact EA owing to weak support channels that can’t fix issues in time.

Problems with Easy Anti Cheat can sometimes be caused by third-party software.

Respawn has neglected to resolve concerns with its anti-cheat engine, despite the fact that social media sites are swamped with complaints about EAC. Even though everyone knows that a lot of players use cheats and other programs that can get them banned, a lot of players say that they got banned because the program that checks for cheats crashed.

Apex Legends Ban

The bans are intended to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, however, whenever players submit an appeal for bans to be reviewed, the support channels send back automatic responses.

In January 2022, journalist Tom Henderson researched EAC malfunctions and found the app restricted gamers from using MSI Afterburner or RGB programs. It’s possible for anti-cheat programs to have faults and incorrectly ban people, although Respawn/help EA’s channels are typically ineffectual. Anti-cheat software may end up flagging gamers when the connection to EAC’s servers times out as a result of problems with the internet in certain circumstances.

Because bots reply to player tickets, it’s impossible to develop a direct channel of contact for concerned players. With EAC’s issues affecting not only Apex Legends but also other EA titles such as Battlefield 2042, Respawn should investigate the matter and assist legitimate users in regaining access to their accounts.

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