FURIA’s female CS:GO team break trophy while celebrating

When a team becomes too enthused about winning a tournament, it might lead to mishaps happening occasionally.

Furia Female CSGO Team

On Saturday, August 6, after FURIA Esports Female’s all-female CS:GO division won Gamers Club Masters Feminina V, Olga “olga” Rodrigues and company accidentally damaged a piece of the trophy while celebrating.

Fortunately, only a small piece of the award, which took the form of a hand, shattered during the accident. The event left the crew partially shocked and partially amused, and they responded by laughing it off in a positive manner.

Among the many notable teams competing in the women’s CS:GO scene, FURIA Esports Female is among the most prominent. In Gamers Club Masters Feminina V, they swept the upper bracket and beat MIBR Female in the final. They made a total of 30,000 Brazilian Reals, which is equivalent to around $5,800 in American currency.

FURIA Esports Female finished in second place in two important international championships earlier this year. These competitions were the ESL Impact League Season one and the ESL Impact Valencia 2022. They were defeated by Nigma Galaxy Female in both of the competitions they entered. Nevertheless, the overall results of the competition earned them a total of $55,000.

The team has been one of the strongest in South America over the past year, winning multiple regional tournaments, including the previous edition of Gamers Club Masters Feminina and WESG 2021 Female Latin America: Brazil. They are definitely one of the teams to keep an eye on in the ever-growing women’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive landscape.