Recently a customer reported getting scammed on eBay after purchasing what they believed to be a DualSense controller for the PS5, only to receive a look-a-like custom white painted Xbox controller.

Reddit user “crihyde” first reported the scam in a post on the r/Playstation subreddit where he shared an image that clearly shows a standard Xbox One controller customized in PS5’s DualSense controller style. It appears the seller customized the controller using the bottom half of the black Xbox controller and the top half of the White Xbox Controller, somewhat resembling the PS5 controller.

Since the launch of the PS5, many unaware fans have fallen victim to scammers on eBay. While buying on eBay comes at a risk, eBay has various customer protection schemes in place to safeguard buyers. While most sellers are honest, sometimes there are a minority of third-party sellers that looking to earn a quick buck by gaming the system. 

Previously many scammers were caught selling photos of PS5s, trying to trick hasty customers into buying a photograph of PS5 at console’s MSRP. Since then eBay implemented several checks and assured its users that they will “surely crackdown on such listings and take legal against such sellers.”