Game Breaking CSGO Bug Makes Players’ Heads Disappear

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If you’ve been playing Counter-Strike for a while, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the importance of landing headshots. Headshots will net you 1-hit kills with most weapons and the ability to consistently land headshots on your opponents is crucial to becoming a better Counter-Strike player overall.

CSGO players across the world were caught off-guard as a game-breaking bug surfaced in the competitive shooter, making them question their headshotting skills.

The bug in question is none other than the ‘disappearing head’ bug, as many players are calling it.

The game-breaking bug makes the heads of player models disappear in-game, making it difficult for the enemies to headshot them.

Furthermore, the head disappears not for just a round, but till the end of an entire half as reported by some players. 

This Reddit clip shared by user u/0fficialphu0ng captures the bug live in action.

While this bug may seem hilarious at the initial sight, it might put the competitive integrity of the game at stake if players manage to find ways to recreate the bug.

Fans will be hoping for Valve to ship a patch to the shooter fixing this hilarious, yet annoying bug at the earliest.

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