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Free Fire YouTuber Skylord passes away in a bike accident

Popular Free Fire content creator and player Abhyuday ‘Skylord’ Mishra recently passed away after getting into an unfortunate accident that led to his death. According to the reports, Skylord was on a road trip on his bike and succumbed to his injuries on Monday, 26th September 2022.

Skylord was a well known creator amongst the Free Fire and Indian gaming community. He had a huge fan following ranging in millions and a similar kind of support was seen on his social media as well.

Skylord was on “MP Tourism Riding Tour” on an expedition to cover long journey with his bike. This tour was organized by the state government to promote tourism around Khajuraho. He was also spotted donning his riding suit on his social media in a post.

According to the news, Skylord was hit by a truck near Sohagpur on the Narmadapuram-Pipariya state highway. As per the reports, a truck coming from the other direction hit the YouTuber from the back near the town of Sohagpur on State Highway-22. As a result, Skylord was rushed to the nearby Community Health center in the town.

Taking a note of his condition, he was immediately transferred to Narmadapuram and report states that he was seriously injured around his right leg area. Skylord passed away while being transferred to Bansal Hospital in Bhopal.

The officials have registered a case against the truck driver that hit the victim and further information has not been intimated by them yet.


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