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Free Fire OB26 Update New Feature: UAV-Lite Details

Free Fire is about to launch its next update and this patch will be known as the OB26 Update. As the game is receiving a new update, some new features are bound to be added to game and this time, Garena has decided to add some utility to Free Fire and has introduced a new surveillance tool named UAV.

Free Fire has confirmed the addition of UAV to the game under the name of ‘UAV-Lite” via its social media handles. This new item will be available in-game within the next few days and here is everything you need to know about it.

UAV is the acronym for unmanned aerial vehicle and is a very common surveillance device which can be seen in many games. Use of UAVs is mostly seen in COD Mobile and it is great to track down enemies and even reveal ambushers in the process. Adding such a heavy utility to battle-royale mode will make it easier to kill enemies.


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According to Garena, the UAV-Lite feature will be used to “scan” enemies in a certain area. This utility will be available throughout the map in battle-royale mode games and players can even redeem it through weapon vending machines. Once you get a UAV, you can simply select a direction and click on ‘Fire’ button to launch it.

When a UAV is launched, it will scan the area along its trajectory for a small period of time and then vanish when its flight period is over. You can also fire the UAV in any direction you want and it will reveal enemies irrespective of the fact that you are nearby the UAV or not.

This is a slightly broken tool from its description but the usage is entirely dependent on the players. It can be a big utility in esports scene but we shall wait until it is introduced in the games to understand the full potential of UAV-Lite in Free Fire.

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