Free Fire: How to get Moco Month Sports Car for free

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Garena is well known for hosting a wide array of events in Free Fire and these exclusive in-game occasions are usually a result of lucrative collaborations or seasonal changes. The developers have currently added a new event called Moco: Rebirth and is releasing a complete skin line based on this theme. Free Fire Players can obtain the Moco Month Sports Car skin without spending money by following the steps given below.

Free Fire developers always create an attractive skin collection and the Moco Month based skins are centre of attraction right now. Players can earn some Moco Rebirth skins from various events and while some of them requires diamonds, players can get the Moco Month Sports Car skin for free.

Most of the events in Free Fire have a prime day on which the developers award players with peak rewards. In the Moco Month event, players can earn the Sports Car skin for free by playing the game for long time on 18th September.

Players can follow the steps given below to get the Moco Month Sports Car skin for free in Free Fire.

  • Login to Free Fire on 18th September and enter classic match.
  • Play for some time and make sure you reach the 100 minutes mark. This can be done by playing multiple matches on the go.
  • After you complete this, go to the ‘Calendar’ section and navigate to the “Playtime on 18 Sept” tab.
  • Once you play for 100 minutes, the skin will be automatically unlocked and you can claim it from the same tab.

This event can only be completed on 18th September so make sure to have ample time in hand on that day and play for at least 100 minutes to get this car skin for free.

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