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When Does Goku Black Come To Fortnite?

Get ready to join the festivities of Goku Day in Fortnite! In Japan, May 9 holds special significance as Goku Day, recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association. As fervent fans of Dragon Ball, Epic Games, and Fortnite have collaborated on numerous Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossovers, and now they’re bringing excitement to Goku Day with the introduction of Goku Black, a brand-new Dragon Ball Outfit.

Fortnite Goku Day: Arrival of Goku Black

On Goku Day, which falls on May 9, Fortnite will unveil Goku Black as part of an exclusive Item Shop Set. Goku Black, also known as Zamasu, is an evil counterpart to Son Goku, the central protagonist of the Dragon Ball series.

Fortnite Goku Day: Acquiring Goku Black

To obtain the Goku Black Skin, you’ll need to visit the Item Shop during its availability. Keep an eye out for the Goku Black Skin display and make your purchase. Expect Goku Black to cost around the same as the Son Goku Outfit from the previous Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover, which cost 2,000 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Goku Day: Goku Black Bundle Highlights

The Goku Black Bundle offers more than just the Goku Black Outfit. Alongside the Skin, you’ll also receive a Super Saiyan Rosé variant, which can be activated mid-game using a special Emote. Additionally, the bundle includes two Harvesting Tools and a Wrap.

It’s important to note that Goku Black is a unique Fortnite Skin and features a distinct model separate from Son Goku. As for the accompanying accessory cosmetics, one of Goku Black’s Pickaxes is a formidable two-handed staff. The second Harvesting Tool, known as “Gold,” remains shrouded in mystery for now.

While everything points to Goku Black’s grand debut in Fortnite on Goku Day, the official confirmation will come when he arrives in the Item Shop on May 9, 2023. Prepare your V-Bucks in advance because this extraordinary Fortnite Outfit is a must-have for all Dragon Ball enthusiasts.

Experience the thrill of Goku Day in Fortnite, embrace the power of Goku Black, and indulge in the perfect fusion of Dragon Ball and Fortnite. Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity.

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