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How to Unlock Every Trophy In Lego Fortnite Expert Mode

LEGO Fortnite has introduced a challenging Expert Mode that tests the skills of even the most seasoned players. This guide will help you navigate through the Grasslands, Dry Valley, and Frostlands Trophies and provide tips to conquer these formidable challenges.

Understanding Expert Mode

Expert Mode in LEGO Fortnite was introduced with the v30.10 update. This mode significantly ramps up the difficulty, featuring super-buffed Storm-Wild enemies and increased difficulty settings across the board. Players must be prepared for permanent death if they lose all their hearts, making survival a top priority.

The Trophies

Grasslands Trophy

To earn the Grasslands Trophy, players must complete all stages of the Grasslands Expert Questline. This involves defeating the Storm Wild Brute in the Grasslands, a powerful enemy that requires strategic combat and constant movement to avoid its heavy attacks.

Dry Valley Trophy

The Dry Valley Trophy is awarded upon completing the Dry Valley Expert Questline. This questline culminates in a battle against the Storm Wild Sand Brute, another formidable foe that demands precise tactics and quick reflexes to overcome.

Frostlands Trophy

For the Frostlands Trophy, players need to complete the Frostlands Expert Questline. The final challenge in this questline is to defeat the Storm Wild Frost Brutes, which are even tougher and more resilient than their counterparts in the Grasslands and Dry Valley.

Tips for Success

Stay Mobile

In Expert Mode, always be moving to make yourself a harder target for enemies. The Storm Wild Brutes hit much harder than their smaller versions, so staying mobile is crucial to avoid their powerful attacks.

Use Shields

Utilize a shield in LEGO Fortnite to absorb some of the damage from enemy attacks. This can provide a critical buffer that might save you from a fatal hit.

Monitor Your Progress

Players can view their quest progress by heading to the Quests tab either in the main lobby or within their LEGO Fortnite world. Keeping track of your progress can help you stay focused and plan your next steps effectively.

Prepare for Permanent Death

Remember, in Expert Mode, when you die, it’s game over unless you have items to bring you back. This adds an extra layer of challenge, so always be prepared and cautious in your approach.

Understand the Enemy

The default Storm Wild enemies are already quite tough, but in Expert Mode, they are stronger, tougher, and faster. Understanding their attack patterns and weaknesses can give you an edge in combat.

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