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All fish types in Lego Fortnite and where to find them

A Guide to Every Fish and Their Secret Haunts

Fortnite’s imaginative universe has expanded into the realm of interlocking bricks with the introduction of Lego Fortnite, bringing with it a Gone Fishin’ update that has players casting lines into virtual waters.

With a total of 15 distinct fish types to reel in, the game offers a fresh angling adventure that mirrors the fishing mechanics from its Battle Royale counterpart. This guide will navigate you through the brick-built waters to uncover every fish and their elusive locations.

The Essential Gear for Aspiring Anglers

Before you can start your fishing expedition in Lego Fortnite, you’ll need to get your hands on a Fishing Rod. Craft one at a Crafting Bench, and consider upgrading it to snag those higher rarity fish. Don’t forget to grab a Bait Bucket too, as it’s your ticket to creating a fishing hole wherever you desire, increasing your chances of a legendary catch.

Where to Find Every Fish in Lego Fortnite

NameRarityFishing LocationOutput
Blue FlopperCommonShore (Only at Dawn)Yields 2 Fish Fillet + Unlocks recipe for the Wavebreak Charm
Blue Small FryCommonRivers and Streams in Grasslands and Dry Valley biomeYields 1 Fish Fillet
Green FlopperCommonLakes in all biomesYields 2 Fish Fillet
Orange FlopperCommonAnywhere on the mapYields 2 Fish Fillet
Black and Blue Shield FishUncommonShore, Grasslands biome & Dry Valley biomeYields 2 Fish Fillet + 1 Uncommon Knight Shield + Unlocks recipe for Black and Blue Shieldfish Sushi
Cuddle JellyfishUncommonAll ShoresYields 3 Slurp Juice
Purple Thermal FishUncommonDry Valley and Grasslands biomeYields 2 Brightcore + 1 Fish Fillet
Raven Thermal FishUncommonDry Valley and Grasslands biomeYields 2 Brightcore + 1 Fish Fillet
Silver Thermal FishUncommonFrostlands biomeYields 2 Brightcore + 1 Fish Fillet + 1 Frost Shell
Slurp JellyfishUncommonAll ShoresYields 3 Slurp Juice
Blue SlurpfishRareGrasslands biomeYields 2 Slurp Juice + 1 Fish Fillet
Purple SlurpfishRareFrostlands, Grasslands biome Shore & Sandy ShoreYields 2 Slurp Juice + 1 Fish Fillet
Yellow SlurpfishRareDry Valley biome and All ShoresYields 2 Slurp Juice + 1 Fish Fillet
Molten Spicy FishRareDry Valley biomeYields 1 Blast Core + 1 Fish Fillet + Unlocks recipe for Spicy Fish Sandwich
Vendetta FlopperEpicGrasslands biome CavesYields 2 Blast Powder + 1 Fish Fillet + Unlocks recipe for Reflection Charm
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The Role of Fish in Lego Fortnite

Catching fish in Lego Fortnite isn’t just a pastime; it’s a survival strategy. Cooking up your catch is vital, as it not only satisfies hunger but also provides additional perks, making it a crucial aspect of the game. And while you’re out there fishing, don’t miss the opportunity to clear bandit camps for some valuable loot.

In conclusion, Lego Fortnite’s fishing system offers a diverse and engaging activity that rewards exploration and patience. Whether you’re after the common Blue Flopper at dawn or the rare Vendetta Flopper hidden in the caves, each fish brings its own unique benefit to your Lego Fortnite experience. So grab your Fishing Rod and Bait Bucket, and set out on a fishing adventure that’s brimming with brick-built surprises.

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