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Lady Gaga Coming to the Fortnite Festival 2024

Fortnite’s Festival mode has transformed the game into a vibrant concert venue, allowing players to engage with music in a uniquely interactive way. This addition has opened up new avenues for musical artists to connect with fans. With the Festival mode, Fortnite continues to blur the lines between gaming, entertainment, and music culture, creating a melting pot of digital experiences.

The arrival of Lady Gaga in Fortnite marks a significant moment in the game’s history. Scheduled for February 22, 2024, the update v28.30 will introduce the pop sensation as a playable skin, following the conclusion of the Fortnite Festival’s Opening Night Pass. This collaboration was hinted at by Lady Gaga herself, with a tweet showcasing her Fortnite skin, sparking excitement and speculation among fans.

To obtain the Lady Gaga skin, players must navigate the Premium Reward Track of the Fortnite Festival pass. This involves completing specific Festival quests to earn Festival Points, with the Lady Gaga skin being the ultimate prize at 11,000 points. For those who may not opt for the Festival pass immediately, there’s good news: the skin will also be available in the Item Shop at a later date, ensuring that all fans have a chance to embody the music icon within the game.

Unlocking Lady Gaga in Fortnite comes with its price, specifically 1,800 V-Bucks for the Festival pass. This pass is separate from the Fortnite Crew Pack, requiring players to invest in their pursuit of the pop star’s virtual representation.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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