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When is Kratos Coming Back to Fortnite? Dataminers Have the Answer

If you love both Fortnite and God of War, there is good news for you. Kratos is returning to Fortnite which was initially introduced in 2020. At that time, Kratos became a sought-after skin in the game but disappeared from the in-game store after a brief period.

With the arrival of Fortnite Chapter Five, Season Two, centered around Greek mythology, the timing seems ripe for Kratos’ comeback. Let’s dive into the details of this highly anticipated event and what players can expect from the return of this legendary character.

Data miners have hinted at the imminent arrival of Kratos in Fortnite’s item shop with the v29.10 update. According to reputable sources like iFireMonkey, players can anticipate the return of not only the Kratos skin but also cosmetics linked with the Kratos skin.

Image of the Kratos Fortnite skin: "Screenshot or official image of the Kratos skin as it appears in Fortnite, ideally showcasing his armor or weapons."

What will be the Cost of Kratos Skin in Fortnite?

One of the most significant aspects of Kratos’ return is his accessibility across various gaming platforms. While Kratos is synonymous with PlayStation, Fortnite players on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC can also enjoy embodying this iconic character. However, PlayStation 5 users were treated to an exclusive armored variant of the Kratos skin during its initial release.

In terms of cost, players can expect the Kratos skin to be priced at 1,500 V-Bucks, consistent with its previous offering. For players starting from scratch, acquiring the necessary V-Bucks would entail purchasing two 1,000 V-Bucks bundles.

While Kratos’ return is imminent, speculation looms regarding the possible inclusion of his son, Atreus, in Fortnite. However, we have not received any confirmation from Epic Games.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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