Hidden Fortnite texture hints at Family Guy crossover

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GMatrixGames, a popular Fortnite data miner has found certain hidden textures inside the game that hint at a possible Family Guy crossover.

Fortnite always keeps their community engaged with several crossovers. From movies to comics to live concerts, players have seen more external content than any other game. Crossovers at this point are nothing surprising especially when it comes to Fortnite, thus putting a Family Guy crossover on the table.

GMatrixGames added fuel to the fire when he found texture hidden deep within Fortnite’s files. The files are categorized under the codename ‘FrenchFry.’ The codename traces back to popular sitcom Family Guy and inside it, an entire reel of clips from the show, including shots of Peter Griffin holding his knee, dancing, fighting Ernie the Giant Chicken can be found.  

Whether or not the crossover will come into fruition cannot be confirmed as of now, but given their track record, it is nothing far-fetched. For fans of both, this potential crossover is huge and in no time Peter Griffin can be found wandering the Battle Royale.

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