Filipino Ex CSGO Pro Accused of Scamming Over 100k PHP Through Video Game Cosmetics

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Former Filipino CSGO pro John Paulo “paulowow” Bacani has been accused by Molly Octaviano of scamming her for over 2,178 PHP, which is about $45 USD.

In the complaint lodged by her to the local ‘National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Cybercrime Division’, she claims that Bacani had offered her 8,775 Valorant Points at a cheap price and ghosted her upon payment.

Bacani has previously played for Filipino CSGO teams like ‘Bren Esports’ or ‘Fallen5’.

According to the complaint, Bacani reached out to Octaviano on Facebook under the alias of ‘Mark Ryan S Pagalunan’ and offered to sell her Valorant Points at the aforementioned cheap rates. Once Bacani received the payment, he proceeded to deactivate the fake account.

Octaviano has claimed that Bacani has scammed over 29 users for a sum of over 100,000 PHP, which is over $2,000 USD.

“He has used other names (Ken A Hidalgo, Kyle Cruz, Kevin Trinidad, and more),” Octaviano said in a statement. “I reached out to other victims and was able to find out that there were 29 or more people who had experienced the same. Some scams amounting to 17,000 PHP ($350 approx.), 7,000 PHP ($145 approx.), and more.”


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