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Fortnite Plague Doctor Skin Returns After 3 Years

The Plague Doctor skins have returned to Fortnite after a long absence. Initially, new skins were not as frequently released into the Item Shop, but as the game gained popularity and more demand for skins, Epic Games began to release more collaborations and crossovers.

Now, there are even competitions for players to create their own skins to be added to the game.

With the increasing number of skins available in the Item Shop, it becomes harder for them to rotate and come back as frequently. This can be a disappointment for players who don’t have enough V-Bucks at the right time and have to wait months for their favorite skins to return.

This is all part of the fun, however; if all skins were available all the time, the excitement of looking at the Item Shop and unlocking V-Bucks with the Battle Pass wouldn’t be the same.

The return of skins that haven’t been available for a long time is a big deal for the Fortnite community. Recently, the Grim Medicine set made a comeback and the Plague Doctor skins were put back into the game. Some fans had been waiting for these skins for months, and they have now been available again after being inaccessible for 1,080 days.

It’s unclear how long the skins will be available in the Item Shop, as the selection changes daily.

They are likely to be on the Item Shop for a couple of days since they are in the Feature section instead of the Daily section. Although these skins were pretty rare since they hadn’t been around for nearly three years, they are not as rare as some older Fortnite Battle Pass skins such as Renegade Raider.

It’s not known why Epic Games decided to add the Grim Medicine set to the Item Shop at this specific point in time, but it may have been a way to lift the spirits of the Fortnite community after the controversy with the Shockwave Hammer.

It may also be a way of giving back to the players after the overpowered and unbalanced nature of that weapon caused arguments and controversy.

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