Fortnite Is Coming Back To iOS, Thanks To GeForce Now

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After the legal dispute between Apple and Epic was settled last year in September where the federal court gave its final verdict in favor of Apple on all accounts, the chances of Fortnite ever coming back on iOS basically went to zero. 

But fret not as Nvidia’s GeForce Now service is making its way to iOS officially next week. For those unaware, GeForce Now is a revolutionary way of cloud computing by Nvidia where you can log on to a personal cloud instance and play games online. While the service is free for an hour daily, the paid model isn’t that expensive and only costs around 9$ for an RTX 3080 level performance instance with priority access. 

With the official support for Apple devices coming next week, users on iOS can now access GeForce Now services via Safari browser on their device. Epic is also launching a special reworked mobile version of Fortnite that will be touch-friendly and only available via GeForce Now. The beta will n\be public and anyone interested can join the version, but remember that only a limited number of players will be admitted. Also, the beta version will be available for both paid and free users of GeForce Now. 

In a blog post talking about the launch next week, Nvidia said:

“While PC games in the GeForce Now library are best experienced on mobile with a gamepad, the introduction of touch controls built by the GeForce Now team offers more options for players, starting with Fortnite. And we’re just getting started. Cloud-to-mobile gaming is a great opportunity for publishers to get their games into more gamers’ hands with touch-friendly versions of their games. PC games or game engines, like Unreal Engine 4, which support Windows touch events can easily enable mobile touch support on GeForce Now.” – Nvidia Corporation

While Fortnite isn’t officially coming to iOS as a Game App on App Store, the possibility of Apple blocking Nvidia’s GeForce Now service on iOS is close to none. It looks like Epic has found a loophole in Apple’s Ban policy, as it will be extremely difficult for Apple to block access to GeForce Now via Safari without any negative press and major criticism from iOS users and Nvidia.


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