Fortnite 3.43 Update Patch Notes: What’s new?


Recently, Epic Games launched the first major Fortnite update 19.10 of Chapter 3 Season 1. The update introduced Tilted Towers along with the big dinosaurs named Klombo. Even though Epic is good with updating Fortnite regularly, new updates come up with a few new bugs as well. The same happened with the 19.10 update.

To fix all the bugs that came up with the previous 19.10 update, Epic has launched the 3.43 update. You should definitely update to the latest version as it is carrying major bug fixes.

The latest Fortnite 3.43 update is now available on PS4, PS5, Android, and Xbox consoles. Let’s check out what’s new in the update.

What’s new in Fortnite 3.43 update?

First of all, there is nothing new in terms of content in the Fortnite 3.43 update. According to Fortnite, this update is just a maintenance patch.

Players were facing stability issues after updating to the previous 19.10 update. This update fixes all those issues and removes all the lag.

Moreover, the color-blind settings issue has also been fixed with the 3.43 update. While the issue was already resolved on PC, the new update patches the bug with this update.

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